Business World 1994-95
In the Top Bracket

According to Mukherjee, a 5 ft by 5 ft oil painting can cost up to RS 10,000. So, which artist will sell his stuff cheap? Artists, according to Mukherjee, have their own ISO 9000. "If we don't like one of our paintings, we destroy it, even after all the effort," says he. Therefore, it's obvious that an artist would want a good return on his investment. Return, Mukherjee has got: his latest oil canvas --- it's still to be named --- has fetched RS 1 lak. This puts Mukherjee in the laky - plus bracket, dominated by the likes of M.F.Husain and Bikash Bhattacharya. That's a good jump from the Rs 20,000 - 60,000 that Mukherjee's paintings fetched earlier. A brush with success, isn't that?

Catalogue 2001


…In milon's work, we see that the contemporary artist can also be an idol-maker, who plays with the resources of the tradition, albeit in his own genial, relaxed and irreverent manner, and even if he acts without the express sanction of orthodoxy…

… milon's inner fantasia flows on, animating his conversation, his stories and his daily life, his paintings continue to be defined by a figurative style that he achieved and consolidated many years ago … bold and expressionistic…

Ranjit Hoskote
Mumbai, Autumn 2001

Artist's insights

Communication or trying to create some ways of expression can never hit the 'Bull's eye', because, the real 'l' or 'eye' remains within. The efforts, trials and errors eternally dance around one's dissatisfaction.

Perfection (to me) is like an unreachable destination, and that's why it's all the more attractive as Don Quixote's "impossible dream" … though, the road towards it may not be always important, Vatsayana says, "It is not the road I walk, it's the walking…"

... 'Art is like poetry you have to experience it'

Goats and Scapegoats...'An average Indian is happy with a little food, a little water, a little sex and then death. So are goats.' 'I want to show human beings in different situations struggling to survive and enjoy life'...


'milon is no dispassionate observer. His is an art that emphases the values of compassion : following after the goodness whose presence he invokes in his paintings, milon Mukherjee has learned to accept the violence of the universe without permitting it to corrode his emotional capacities for nurturing and love.'...Ranjit Hoskote 'milon's colours claim a bright intrepidity. They organize themselves in a dramatic way. milon creates a colourful world made up of throbbing lines, persuasive textures and ever changing colours. milon creates a world of forms and colours which are larger than life. In a way it is a world of magic, as modern as it is ancient.'
.......Dnyaneshwar Nadkarni


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