Beyond frames

If you ever revisit Michelangelo, bring back some letters from that grand panoramic name. Take the M, the I. Take an L. Grab the O and pick up the N, Rearrange these melodic, pulsating letters on the stretched canvas of changing times. And suddenly, you have milon.

The frontal facet I noticed about milon, when I first met him about three decades ago was this Michelangelo-like versatility. The capacity and the propensity to straddle many wild horses within a dayís journey. This is a rare thrill that have torn and ripped many artists within the confined frames of their lifetimes. And it has also made legends out of the likes of Leonardo, Picasso and Satyajit Ray.

milon has traveled this path with full knowledge of the two possibilities. And I must say he has not only drawn sap and blood from this inner chemistry of versatility, but he has been able to invest time and torment into each gifted quality like a loving parent.

He has lent his silken voice to the professional world of audio. He has acted sensitively in theater and television. He has produced a significant body of poignant. He has sketched and illustrated with flair. And of course he has romanced the stretched canvas with passion.

Only in the highly unlikely event where in admirers and critics from all these diverse fields might meet and exchange notes, can milonís true evaluation be attempted. Until then the followers of fine art can marvel at the range and depth of milon, the painter.

milonís paintings have been a colourful harvest of the angst and energy he has sown in the furrows of his challenging and eventful life. He has seen, lived and embraced life with open arms and an open mind.

Blood, sweat and tears have lent a rare fluency to his lines. His sketches have radiated the heat of burning charcoal. From the linear to the spatial, from the critical to the eclectic, from the topmost topical to etchings of the eternal, milonís stages and styles as the evolving painter have been a dynamic reflection of his mercurial versatility.

His themes have stretched the colourful rainbow and have shot whistling arrows at the heart. From hunger to solitude, from turmoil to music, milonís furious brush strokes have challenged the art collectorís cosmetic conventions. With an unstated disdain for the emperor's crown,milon has time and again opted for the life of the gladiator.

He has traveled the world of his preference, and has poised and painted in cities like Dubai, Kuwait, Sydney and Paris . His one man shows has dotted far wider longitudes and his canvases are in the private and corporate collection of the expanding new world of Indian art.

A Bengali at heart and an Indian in his roots, milon lives and works in the glittering metropolis of Mumbai. Where staying alive and staying true are achievements he celebrates with dancing lines and bursting colours, against the conjured backdrop of frenzied and rustic drumbeats of an unsung India. -Ashok Roy

milon's footsteps...

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